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Chairman’s Fountain Pen

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Inspired by all the institutional CxOs, This absolutely stunning Chairman’s fountain pen is a must-have luxury accessory for all pen collectors & lovers.


Cap Mechanism : Snap On
Filling Mechanism : Cartridge
Nib Material : Iridium Point
Product Material : Hardwood

This precisely crafted professional writing Instrument is made from a single blank of hardwood. The all exposed accent rings encompassing the barrel elucidates the whorling of accomplishments encountered every juncture by the Chairman. Hand-carved 3 dimensional designs on the plated center band of the pen signify the impenetrable precision of the decision maker. Every metallic component of this writing instrument is a cast to the perfect embodiment, which exhibits accomplishments over all the challenging tasks faced.

The patterned rhodium-plating demonstrates the workmanship, while each elemental unit of the metallic cast is polished to flawlessness like the impeccable abiding principles of success. The Nib with iridium point and the sparkling Swarovski clear crystal on the rhodium-plated clip is an interpretation of crystal clear approach to ascendancy. This magnificent Chairman’s Fountain Pen neophytes aspirations of an admirer to accomplishments of an achiever.

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