About Rytol

It is said " every writing instrument is unique and each one has a story to tell," and we at Rytol could not agree more. For us, pens are not just elements used for writing, but tools and weapons that have the power in them to bring many significant changes. Built with passion, intricacy, and ingenuity, our refined collection of most beautiful handcrafted instruments are for those who believe in not just the power of ink but also thy self. We take immense pride in the fact that our pens are curated and constructed with unique state-of-the-art techniques, the source of which originated from some of the finest pen makers from the United Kingdom. With the best in technology being transferred from one generation to another, we aim to bring to our clients a wide range of writing products that are sure to leave a profound impact on their lives.

Rytol as a brand

To excel in something and to stand apart from others, one must have all the other factors that make them better than the rest. With their unique, elegant and mesmerizing designs, these pens curated with the best in terms of technology and skills are not just a status symbol but something that you would want to pass on to your next generation.

Rytol & Ronald caddy

To create the best, we believe in collaborating with nothing but the best in the business. Our deep sense of inspiration and motivation to develop world-class products comes from Ronald K Caddy, the man who has been known for his tremendous and magnificent contribution to woodturning from the last 28 years and a pen making specialist from the last 15 years now. At Rytol, we define pen as the biggest weapon of a literate person. No matter how tech-savvy or well equipped with gadgets a person is, there is something about the way that the ink flows on the paper; it proves and demonstrates who you are, what your capabilities are, and, most importantly that you are ready to take the world in your stride. We strictly believe that to think a pen is just a writing instrument is an underestimation of this most exquisite tool because, for us, it will always be a source, a factor, and an inspiration to create, excel and conquer.

Brand story

The founder and creator of Rytol Mr. Sreenath Vishnu have been enchanted with the craftsmanship of pen making from a very early age, and it was this fascination that further compelled him to learn the craft of creating exquisite pens. A member of the international association of pen turners, he believes that a pen is not merely a piece of writing equipment but a great instrument that deserves to be crafted with skill technique ad beauty. With the main objective of IAP being to promote the art of pen making, great emphasis is laid on making advancement in skill, technology to create exceptional and aesthetically appealing writing instruments. Other than establishing their feet firmly and deeply as the manufactures of some of the most exquisite range of pens worldwide, Mr. Sreenath Vishnu is a second-generation entrepreneur who is also the executive director of the Brahmin Foods, one of the leading and the most promising names in the manufacturing and export of packaged food. Joining the Brahmin group in the year 2006 and endorsing world vegetarian day on October 1st every year, he has been a big source of strength behind promoting the use of vegetarian food all over the country. It is, by all means, a thing of pride and delight that under the guidance and direction of his beloved father, Mr. Vishnu Namboothiri, the company has achieved great heights.